Makeup Blunders You Must Avoid

There are a number of blunders many beautiful black women commit when it comes to makeup for their unique skin tone. We will be outlining a few of these blunders below:

  • Accept your skin tone and avoid using fairness creams to try to change it. Using a foundation shade lighter than your skin tone is also a recipe for disaster. Always choose a shade that is a perfect match for your skin tone. Check out the tips below to find the best shade for your skin tone.
  • When selecting a lip shade, make sure it matches your undertone and does not make you appear dull.
  • When contouring, use a shade that is one tone darker than your skin (just one tone darker). Don’t go for the darkest shade in the collection.
  • You must not use liquid products on top of powder products because if you use liquid products on top of powder products, you will have unblended patches on your face.
  • The most common mistake that girls make these days is applying too much glitter to their faces. If you’re wearing glitter eyeshadow, don’t use a highlighter with chunky particles; instead, go for a milder one, and if you’re wearing glittery lipstick, go for a neutral eye look.

How to Use the Correct Skin Tone Shades

Always do swatch test on your face and neck to determine the best shade. Apply 3-4 shades to small areas of your face and neck and leave for 10-15 minutes to oxidize. Select the one that blends in with your skin.

To choose the right lip shade, you must match it to your undertone. Apply lipstick to your lips and look in the mirror in direct sunlight. You can wear lipstick if it does not make you appear dull.

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