FOR HEALTHY DARK SKIN, FOLLOW THESE 8RULES OF FACE WASHING.Your dermatologist would not tell you this.

Everyone claims to be washing their faces, and everyone thinks they’re doing it the right way. It’s something you probably do every day, but are you sure you’re cleaning the right way? Doing it rightly and maximizing its needs for your daily routine should leave you with beautiful, glowing skin.
A survey has shown that 80 per cent of people with dark skin make at least one or more common mistakes when cleansing their face, and more than one-half neglect to cleanse before bedtime.

While we’re saying you should wash your face, overwashing it can be just as harmful as not doing it at all. “When you’re washing your skin, you want to remove excess oil, dirt, pollution, and makeup without compromising the integrity of the skin barrier itself,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research. A gentle touch is needed so you don’t cause more irritation than is already there.
To discover the dos and don’ts of proper face-washing, and watch your skin glow, read on.

1. Do Choose the Right Cleanser for You. Just so you know, The right cleanser for you might be different than what your best friend is using. If you have dry or sensitive skin, stick to hydrating, nonfoaming cleansers, because the lathering agents used in foaming cleansers tend to be more drying on the skin and Vice versa.
2. Don’t Rinse Your Face With Hot Water, if you have sensitive skin, hot water can lead to facial flushing and a flare. Using cool or lukewarm water removing your cleanser should be the deal.
3. Do Wash Your Face Twice a Day. Wash your face twice per day, in the morning and before bedtime. But going to bed with clean skin is a must. If you’re going to wash only once, our recommendation is to wash in the evening to remove everything that has accumulated during the day so you sleep with a clean face on your pillow. And don’t forget to always clean up after every workout. If you work out, do your best to wash afterwards as well.
4. Don’t Assume You Need to Use Toner. We at Ujvbeauty recommend you only use a Toner when you feel your cleaner is not doing a good job.
5. Do Use Eye Makeup Remover to Remove Heavy Makeup. Removing your makeup before bedtime can never be overemphasized because this can minimize the risk of developing skin irritation from the makeup itself. If you wear light makeup, your regular face cleanser may be enough to remove it. But you can also try “double cleansing,” which involves using an oil-based cleanser to take makeup off.
6. Don’t Rub Your Skin the Wrong Way. For gentle but thorough cleansing, your best tools are at your fingertips in fact, they are your fingertips. Your fingers do a terrific job and can actually provide a light massage during your cleanse that can stimulate circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.
7. Do Use a Clean Towel That’s Only for Your Face.Cleansing involves more than just a cleanser! Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin washing your face. And resist the urge to dry your face with the family hand towel that’s been hanging over the rack for several days. Bacteria can breed on the towel and be transferred to your clean, dewy face. Use a soft, clean cloth that you only use on your face. When drying your face, be gentle and pat your face dry, as opposed to rubbing it with a towel. 
8. Don’t Forget to Use Moisturizer After Cleansing. When you’re done giving your face a good cleaning, you don’t want to overly strip the skin of essential oils or cause dryness. After washing, hydrating your skin with a light moisturizer is the next best thing.

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