*Make up for dark skin: How to Apply it*

Black is beautiful Black women be the finest. The dark skin is more Beautiful and sexier.
Why in the heaven’s name don’t you flaunt your dark skin?
Someone got dark skin from nature, but someone has to lie in the sun, visit the solarium or use spray tan. There is no point in arguing what the skin, light or dark, is more beautiful and attractive, as tastes differ. But it’s worth telling about the difference between makeup for dark skin and other types of makeup.
You’re reading this because you want to know how makeup for dark skinned ladies work.
Let’s start with the very first thing
FOUNDATION: One of the important components of flawless makeup if chosen properly.

CONCEALER: can be used to cover up pores, eyebags and blemishe, concealer can also be used to define eyebrows, highlights the Tzone and for those people who are beginners in makeup should choose two tone lighter concealer for an easy blend.

If the shade of concealer will be too lighter than the skin tone, the makeup will look unnatural.

To makeup highlighter for dark skin cheekbones, use rouge of the pallette from gold to coffee. A bronzer with glimmering components will suit festive makeup, as it will give the skin some magical attractive glow.

Some people mistakenly believe that dark skin is “velvet” and “silk”, but it is not true. The dark skin, like any other, can have some particular disadvantages: it can be dry, sensitive, problematic, but the dark skin is more often oily or combination. Care for such skin must be special. You need skin care products and foundation products without oils to avoid unnecessary oily shine on the face. Also, before putting up the eye makeup you need degrease the eyelids and powder them carefully. If you don’t do this, eye shadows can be rolled in a few minutes. Note that there is a huge range of cosmetics designed specifically for dark skin.

EYE MAKEUP: As a rule, natural pastel shades and vibrant saturated colors fit dark skinned women too. Owners of the dark skin can use the most daring and unusual colors of eye shadows for the eye makeup. Dark-skinned beauties often get stunning long black lashes from nature. But they are often straight. Makeup artists recommend to curl the lashes with special tweezers no more often than three times at once. To achieve additional volume, before applying mascara, slightly powder the eyelashes. Apply mascara starting with the upper lashes, first from the center, then move to the outer edge and, finally, use mascara for the inner corner.
BROWS: Perfection is what all women needs with regards to brows. “A perfect eyebrow is a perfect face” – A woman once said. Those with very dark skin can safely use eyebrow pencil of black or dark brown color. It mustn’t be applied as a solid line, but interrupted dashes. This way the eyebrows will look natural makeup for dark skin.
LIPS:1. Tanned brunettes should follow the golden rule of makeup: focus on either eyes or lips. An exception can be makeup for the disco, but here you need carefully consider the combination of colors of eye shades and a lipstick.2. If you always use light eye shadows and lipstick and do not want to change your habits, do not forget to highlight the eye contour and apply rouge.3. For the casual makeup dark-skinned brunettes should choose bright pearlescent eye shadows and soft lip gloss. As for the evening makeup, you can experiment with dark and bright shades.
As for the lip makeup for dark skin girl, you must use very bright and bold shades of red, plum, cherry. Pearlescent lip gloss will be perfect. With the dark skin ladies can use a lipstick with large shimmering elements, but it is necessary to warn that such brilliance is combined only with calm shades of eye shadows. If both eyes and lips will be bright, it’ll be too bold.

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